Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Fill in our Hire a Pro music teacher form, and give us a day or two to prepare a list of teachers for you. Pick any teacher from the list and finalise remaining details. You are ready to begin lessons.

Payment & Fees

Our matching service is absolutely free for you. We have a standing arrangement with our Pros regarding our payment, so you don’t have to worry about it. All prices will be quoted to you upfront.

Our Pro music teachers set their own prices and we work around their rates. There are many factors that affect a teacher’s fees, ranging from their qualifications, reputation, availability, distance to travel, and more.

Refer to our Estimated lesson fees with a Pro for a better understanding of the current rates.

General Questions

Paid trial lessons are available upon request. Feel free to contact us at about this.

Yes. Simply request when filling the Hire a Pro teacher form.

Yes. We will try to find group lessons for you should you request, however we have to let you know that it will not be a guaranteed success because of the complexity in coordination. However it will be much easier should you sign up as a group, or sign up on limited group offers.

We let our Pro teachers set their own classroom policies, and we try not to interfere with it. This gives them the autonomy to provide you with personalized lessons. Here are some general ones:

Regarding cancellation/postponement policies
To avoid misunderstandings and penalties, both parties are recommended to notify each other as early as possible of any changes in their availability, at least 48 hours in advance. We understand that emergencies do happen occasionally, thus they will be reviewed case-by-case. One great thing about hiring private music teachers is that they are generally more flexible to provide you with make-up lessons, although it is at their own discretion.

Regarding payment dates
Most teachers will want fees to be paid before rendering their services. Some are fine if they are paid after they have taught.

Regarding refunds
Refunds are at the teacher’s discretion.

We understand that there are other myriad factors that contribute to a healthy teacher and student relationship, such as the personalities of both parties. While we are certain of the quality of our educators, sometimes misunderstandings do arise. If either teacher or student don’t feel they can develop a meaningful relationship, we will be happy to find another Pro teacher for the student at no extra cost. Simply reach out to us to begin this process.

Feel free to contact us at at any time.

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