Lesson Fees

Our teachers set their own fees, so please be prepared to receive a range of quotations. There are many factors affecting rates, such as the qualifications a teacher possesses, their reputation, number and prestige of awards and achievements won, the distance travelled to teach, and more. All prices will be quoted to you upfront.

This is an estimated range of fees for our Pro music teachers.

Price Per Lesson Diploma* Bachelor Postgraduate^
Beginner (Grade 1-3) (45mins) 30-65 45-70 50-90
Intermediate (Grade 4-6) (1h) 40-75 50-85 60-90
Advanced (Grade 7-8) (1h) 50-80 70-90 70-100
Diploma & Higher (1h⋜) N/A 80-100 95-120++

* Both full-time diploma, and part-time music certificates such as LRSM, LTCL, FRSM, FTCL, etc.

^ Masters and Doctorate. These are absolutely premium teachers. Feel free to request for them when you are filling in the sign-up form.

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